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Kill your darlings!

Ok, so that heading possibly requires a small explanation…The expression is the one that most stuck with me from my oil painting course that I did a few years back. The most inspiring course where I met a fantastic teacher and arts mentor, Pernilla Hägg Nordström, who unfortunately is no longer with us. I dearly recommend that you check out her AMAZING art if you haven’t yet:  www.pernillanordstrom.se

So the expression that she taught me in art is ”Kill your darlings”, which for me means that you dare to redo and do better, don’t be afraid to erase or paint over something good to get something even better. Well this painting certainly had me erasing and redoing and redoing and I am so pleased with the final product. I still don’t have a name for her, but will let you know as soon it comes to me!

At first I had drawn her more masculine but something just wasn’t right, so I erased the entire face and redid the face. Then, as we had just painted our bedroom a shade of green, and I was feeling the green vibe, I began to paint her green. I liked it but didn’t love it. Then one morning as I came round the corner to work on he, I saw the reflection of my painting in the window and realised she just looked sick, yauza!!  I decided I had to give her a ”healthier” tone, so I went with pink, blah!! She was a pig!! Ok, so away with miss piggy and I began to turn her yellow, but oy! that was a mistake, I realised immediately and just stopped in my tracks. I left her alone for a day or two and then voilá! it came to me…how about orange…? So I took to orange and it was magical, it was like she smiled at me and said, yup, yeah, now we’re talkin’! And that was that. Many days of agony trying to do her justice and then finally it just happened. See, that’s what the journey is and I just love it. The trick is, to have faith. Faith in your painting, faith in your skills, and faith in that you and your painting eventually will see eye-to-eye and agree upon an ending. <3

You might notice that she looks a bit hollow in the eyes right up until the end. That’s because I always, always do the eyes last. To me, that’s the soul of the painting and I just can’t give it a soul until it’s ready to rock! <3 <3 <3

Hope you enjoyed my little journey and, even more so, I hope that you enjoy my painting!

Oh, and I’d love any suggestions for a name, let me know and we’ll see if the señorita and I like it, if your name sticks, I’ll send you an art print of this painting. <3 😉