Magical Peacock

Last year, in the spring of 2019, I think it was, we (my husband, our boys, and I), took a drive up to the beautiful gardens of Norrviken, which lies about 1 hour north of Helsingborg. Besides the lovely scenery, they had beautiful peacocks in an (unfortunately) enclosed area. I felt so sorry for these beautiful birds roaming around in the small enclosed area, and just felt the need to depict one such beautiful bird. So, finally, in this post you can see the result.

I must admit, I find it terribly difficult to take a picture of paintings where I use metallic paints. They never really translate well to pictures and it’s difficult because I want the metallic shine, but then it doesn’t shine evenly throughout the picture. Hmm, I think I just need to do some experimenting with photography to get it right. And there is the problem. Ever since I started working full time (as much as I wish it, I am not able to live off my art) it seems I never have enough time to spend on my art – or on this blog for that matter. At the end of a day’s work in the office, I’m too exhausted to find the energy and inspiration to paint and during the weekends, it’s only on Saturdays that I might find time to paint, but then that means less quality time with my loved ones…Yes, in times like these, I am complaining about small things, but I do sorely miss painting full time and spending time at different entrepreneurial events where you meet other like-minded people. In any case, luckily I will be exposing my art again this year at the end of May on Ven, at the yearly ”Konstrunda” on Ven, so there I should get my share of meeting new people with an interest for art. Have lots to do before that date so I guess I’ll have to cut this short now…