Hven Konstrunda 2018 – What an awesome experience!

First of all, I would like to thank all the wonderful people who stopped by and visited me on Ven during the past weekend. I received so much positive, boosting feedback and made some great sales! And of course my awesome father-in-law for providing me with the perfect space in which to house my exhibition!

I was told that my art ”makes you happy”, ”is elegant”, ”is fascinating”, ”shows such a sense of the animals’ movement” among many other things. These, and a wonderful older lady who got tears in her eyes when she studied my series ”Beauty on the Savannah” are a few of my absolute favourite memories from the weekend. As well as, of course, the love and support I received from many friends and family who came and stopped by just to see me, and my art.

I’ve certainly felt the love and am now full of inspiration to keep going! This train has only just left the station and will soon be picking up speed… <3

I made a short little video of my exhibition but unfortunately it’s too heavy to upload to this site, so head on over to my facebook page if you want to have a look, copy the link:

and paste it into your browser 😉