Fine Art Prints

I realised that I haven’t actually remembered to mention that all my artwork is obviously available as Fine Art Prints. I also love to play around in Illustrator with my artwork and combine analog with digital as in my piece ”Les Amazones”, se below:


Magical Peacock

Last year, in the spring of 2019, I think it was, we (my husband, our boys, and I), took a drive up to the beautiful gardens of Norrviken, which lies about 1 hour north of Helsingborg. Besides the lovely scenery, they had beautiful peacocks in an (unfortunately) enclosed area. I felt so sorry for these… Läs mer Magical Peacock


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Hope you all had lovely hols and are now looking forward to a new year full of promise. I painted the small painting on the left for an xmas lottery that was held in the beginning of January in a network of which I am part. I was greatly honoured and happy… Läs mer Happy New Year!

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Kill your darlings!

Ok, so that heading possibly requires a small explanation…The expression is the one that most stuck with me from my oil painting course that I did a few years back. The most inspiring course where I met a fantastic teacher and arts mentor, Pernilla Hägg Nordström, who unfortunately is no longer with us. I dearly… Läs mer Kill your darlings!


Shy Zebra

Have finally had Shy Zebra framed and she’s now waiting to be delivered to her new owner <3 . You might remember my post a while back with the original sketch, well here’s the end result! I had so much fun painting this one, she really touched my heart with her shy look. I have… Läs mer Shy Zebra


Autumn and Aslan

Hello Autumn and bye,bye summer vacay! Hopefully, you, as I, have had a fabulous summer. Although the incredible, unending sunshine and heat has me quite worried about our planet’s health, I have to admit it was lovely to refuel all that vitamin D which remains quite absent during the winter months yet to come. Thankfully,… Läs mer Autumn and Aslan