Lazy Leopard & Sunset Wave

Have had a productive time while looking for a new job. The company that I worked for up until October, unfortunately had to file for bankruptcy due to the 2020 pandemic, (it was a travel company, so yeah imagine that…), and since October I have officially been looking for a new job. Unfortunately…so is everyone else at the moment, so after I’ve sent off my day’s applications, I have been doing some painting. So, I finally got painting my Lazy Leopard which is a tribute to my father as I was inspired by a picture that he had among his artstuff, so I have felt him with me throughout the painting of LazyL. <3

As well as LazyL, I have ventured into a more ”abstract” region of painting, and I’m pleased as punch about the result which I call Sunset Wave, but you can see whatever you like in it:

Sunset Wave