Lady Lily

Hello there, at a very strange point in time. Hope you are all well and staying safe. Even though I only seem to get comments from spammers, I will continue to update my page every now and then, well just because it’s an easy enough way to share my art which makes me happy and hopefully someone out there enjoys it as much as I do.

So, lately I’ve had more time for creating art, for obvious reasons. It almost seems impossible to chat with anyone at the moment without mentioning that horrible disease which has completely changed the status quo for all of us: COVID-19, Corona, the Corona crisis…Call it what you like, but it’s a fact and it’s currently a part of all our lives, whether we fear it, are weary of it, or just hate it for having taken someone precious away from us. The worst part for me at the moment is just this living in uncertainty. What’s going to happen? I get that question a lot at work from customers: ”What do you think? When will we be able to travel again? Do you have any insider information?” Nope. The answer is constantly nope, I do not know, nobody knows, and nobody knows when we will know, if we ever will… So all one can do is wait and see. It is in this void that I have again been able to turn to my art.

I live in Sweden and here many of us have been ”permitted” which means we work 40%, 60% or 80%, but the government has subsidised our employers so that we are still able to get around 92,5 % of our salary. Very generous indeed, but unfortunately for many smaller companies in Sweden this will probably not be enough for them to survive if this crisis continues past the next few months, which, let’s be honest, seems most likely at this point. Anyway, enough politics or facts or whatever that was. I have had time to get painting again. ”When one door closes another certainly opens”, that’s a paraphrased ”fact” 😛 that I learned from the reverend mother in the Sound of Music. ;P #fact

At the top of this post you will see a picture of my lastest artwork. It’s an acrylic on panel (my favourite medium at the mo). I was inspired by a dear friend of mine who just loves colour and flowers @kristina_downtherabbithole . If you do too, you should definitely check her instagram out!

So, I wanted to paint something with a very female sensuality, with flowers and inspired by the beauty of nature and well, this is the result. I hope you like it. I called it Lady Lily after another friend who saw it and was asking me about it and referred to it as Lily and I thought, yes, why not?! ”Lady Lily” it is.

Stay safe! K