Am so excited to show you my latest product! I decided to try my art out on a few interior design products and first out is the zebra tray/table! I just received it in the post and am so excited to show you! It turned out lovely, don’t you think? The tray along with my just-finished ”Le Zebra Turquoise” (see below), have certainly made my day!!

Next stop will be assorted interior design shops to which I’m hoping to sell the tray. Have also planned a few more trays from my ”Beauty on the Savannah” series that will hopefully be delivered in the near future (will keep you posted when they arrive). And then a lovely tea towel with my ”I <3 Ven” motif on it. So many exciting products to look out for! Let me know what you think & give me a shout if you would like to buy any of my products. Although my webshop isn’t up and running yet, I am selling in person, so just drop me an email or give me a call and we’ll sort you out!! Again, the email is: kw@kweberg.se

Will include a few pictures in this post so you can see the tray from all of its lovely angles!