Magical Peacock

Last year, in the spring of 2019, I think it was, we (my husband, our boys, and I), took a drive up to the beautiful gardens of Norrviken, which lies about 1 hour north of Helsingborg. Besides the lovely scenery, they had beautiful peacocks in an (unfortunately) enclosed area. I felt so sorry for these… Läs mer Magical Peacock


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Hope you all had lovely hols and are now looking forward to a new year full of promise. I painted the small painting on the left for an xmas lottery that was held in the beginning of January in a network of which I am part. I was greatly honoured and happy… Läs mer Happy New Year!

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Kill your darlings!

Ok, so that heading possibly requires a small explanation…The expression is the one that most stuck with me from my oil painting course that I did a few years back. The most inspiring course where I met a fantastic teacher and arts mentor, Pernilla Hägg Nordström, who unfortunately is no longer with us. I dearly… Läs mer Kill your darlings!


Shy Zebra

Have finally had Shy Zebra framed and she’s now waiting to be delivered to her new owner <3 . You might remember my post a while back with the original sketch, well here’s the end result! I had so much fun painting this one, she really touched my heart with her shy look. I have… Läs mer Shy Zebra


Autumn and Aslan

Hello Autumn and bye,bye summer vacay! Hopefully, you, as I, have had a fabulous summer. Although the incredible, unending sunshine and heat has me quite worried about our planet’s health, I have to admit it was lovely to refuel all that vitamin D which remains quite absent during the winter months yet to come. Thankfully,… Läs mer Autumn and Aslan


Le Zebra Turquoise

Hello! Here we are, newly coiffed and newly framed… Le Zebra Turquoise is currently resting in our living room but will soon be hanging out with Mette – the best hairdresser ever-no exaggeration. If you’re curious to see it my painting, visit Mette’s place some time this autumn at Nedre Långvinkelsgatan 8! I will, of course,… Läs mer Le Zebra Turquoise



Am so excited to show you my latest product! I decided to try my art out on a few interior design products and first out is the zebra tray/table! I just received it in the post and am so excited to show you! It turned out lovely, don’t you think? The tray along with my… Läs mer Zebralicious!!


Artist at work

Hello!! Sorry, I have been quite absent from my website because I have been painting, painting, painting. I really love it but also get so focused it’s like I’m in a vacuum! At the moment, I’m working on three paintings at the same time. You can see two of them in the picture. One is… Läs mer Artist at work