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My Artwork @PåPirenRåå

Aslan welcoming you to @påpirenråå.

This post is loooong overdue! One sunny Friday in September I was having lunch at one of my absolutely favourite restaurants: På Piren which is situated in Råå. I was having lunch with my mother and my kids and looking around I suddenly felt, and said to my mother: ”My paintings would look great in here…”, ”Yes they would,” my mother replied. So I had a chat with the owner, who is the sweetest woman, and after having a look at some of my artwork on my Instagram, she said, sure, why don’t you bring over a few pieces and we can have a look.

Said and done, by next Tuesday, my wonderful hubby came along and helped my put four of my paintings up and they have been having there, for a few months now. I will be taking them down soon, so if you want to have a chance at seeing my paintings live, pop over to På Piren in Råå and combine your look-see with an awesome dinner! I cannot recommend the food there enough, if is so tasty and so perfectly combined, there really is a lot of skill and love that goes into the dishes there. Bon appetit!